Queston? Could anyone share how they market for shortsale?

Hello, Can anyone give me a glimmer into the shortsale world.

I have never marketed for shortsales, Do you?

What has worked best for you?

Which servicers are better than others to work with?

Listings are tough, trying to get some.

Can anyone point me in the right direction?

Thank you in advance for your assistance. I am in So. CA

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i knock on doors of people that have a sale date or lis pendence. After I understand what caused them to be in that situation I advise accordingly to there needs. A lot of the time people cannot save there homes and need to do a short sale. Servicers love to do short sale because it get them paid a lot quicker than a reo. If you get any short sale I can buy them from you and evenegotiate for u. can email me @ [email protected]

What are most  reactions to the homeowners once you knock on their door to talk about their financial situation?

a lot are, who the hell are you. but once I explain what I can do for them based on there situation they open up. I am genuine and really want to help their situation.

Think of it like this, They are your friends and they have no idea what to do. so be that professional to help make the awful situation end and help start a new chapter!



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