Is anyone using this program? Any feedback would be great!

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Sarah, I started using the program a few years ago when I originally obtained my real estate license. I consistently averaged betwen 30-45 short sale listings and had a great success rate. I was awarded Rookie of the year of Coldwell Banker in my state and have since then received a Gold Award annually. I could not have been this successful as a new agent three years ago without the help of Program3648. I have recently been assisting the company with doing some training. Hope this helps. R. Fenwick
I have been with program 3648 for 1 and half years. In order to process more shorsales, I needed a company like them. I have 33 active files and have closed about 23 files last year. They have freed me to do other real estate duties and work. the responses from the Transaction coordinators is great, when I need a question answered all I have to do is email and it is answered. I could not posssibly see myself on the phone or computer all day trying to negotiate shortsales, it is worth letting them do it. I get quality leads every month that I mail to and getting the listings are up to me. I also use other means of lead generation, other agents who hate shortsales, ads on radio, and from past clients. Over the time of mailing leads I have over 4,000 names and addresses that are mine to keep in touch with and can still use in prospecting. Our work as Realtors is our duty to the homeowner, distressed or normal sales, and by helping homeowners to get a fresh start is part of our work. If anyone helps to obtain that goal is an asset, the shortsale has become a part of the Realtor's world.
I've only been with the program for two months and my second batch of letters were sent out today!

In the first month I sent out 150 letters (I combined elements of the Program 3648 letter with some of my own writing) and received 3 phone calls, which is a 2% response (typical for direct mail). Two people ended up trying for a modification and I'll keep in touch with them. One homeowner decided a short sale was their best option and I got a $300,000 short sale listing. Even if it ultimately sells for $250,000 I'll still more than pay for my leads for many months. I'll check back after this month to let you know how things went.

I should add that I followed the letter exterior training to the tee and I'm confident the majority of the letters were opened.

I have three other short sales currently which I feel is good considering I just began to concentrate on this area in February. Door knocking the list also works but I would avoid the people who are 30 days late. They may be less receptive since even if they are headed down the path of no return, they haven't yet accepted it. You can do a lot around marketing to the list. Like everything in life you get out of it what you put into it.

I hope this helps!

Interesting, gonna go read more about this.
Everyone at Program 3648 has been very courteous, helpful and very informative. Everyone in Program 3648 I have dealt with has pretty much bent over backwards to help me.
I've been with Program 3648 for about 2 months. The training was excellent and very thorough. I've only done two mailings so far - each about 150 letters and I've gotten about an 8-10% response rate. A lot of people are trying the loan mod route but I'm staying in touch with them all and have had good conversations with everyone that called from the letter. I only started working short sales the last 6 months of 2009, so 2010 will be my year for more short sales - I've closed 5 shorts sales in 6 months and have several short sale listings.
Month number two and just when I was about to get discouraged that I sent out 150 letters and got no calls, I got one yesterday. Nice folks and they told me before I set the appointment that they need to sell. They have a hardship so it looks like a slam dunk for another listing. This one will probably only be around $150,000 but that's two listings in two months.

I also agree with he people at the home office. They've been great!

BTW, there's an accepted PA on last month's listing.
I have not heard of this before. I guess I need to get out more!!! I just Googled them so will do some research. Thanks
I have been with Program 3648 since Augsut 09'/ I really appreciate the customer service that I receive. Every time I hace called with a question or concern, someone has always been available to assist my needs. Program 3648 has top notch Transaction Coordinators that really stay on top of things and make the process much easier. My experience has been fantastic and completely satisfying.
I've been with Program 3648 for 4 months. This has been my first experience using a processing company, and I had heard nightmares about them. So, I must admit I was a little hesitant at first. So far, I am very impressed with Program 3648. They have been very professional and friendly. The representatives I have worked with have been very good at their job. I like that they have been aggressive and on top of things, usually contacting me before I need to contact them.
I have been affiliated with Program 3648 since late last year. The training is valuable and I have received qualified short sale leads every month.
What a coincidence, all these new people just joined this forum and their first immediate post is to promote this program.



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