Hello - I am looking for a name, email and telephone number to escalate a short sale.  PNC is in 2nd position and the first lien holder has approved SS... 1st lien holder is Freddie and Freddie approved the maximum $6000 to PNC.  The specialist on the file will not return phone calls... left message for the supervisor. George Bowens(sp?).. after two months haven't even assigned to a negotiator. 

PNC doesn't answer the phone half of the time... I have to call 3-4 times before I can get anyone on the phone.. calling 866-622-2657.. Home Equity loan ... phones are busy or voice boxes are full.

Any suggestion to get this moving would be great.

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PNC Bank or PNC Mortgage?

[email protected]



Hi Brett.... PNC Bank... very difficult to even get anyone on the phone.  If you have a contact I would appreciate it!

Timothy Seislove 
Short Sale Manager / Investor Relationship Manager
Lending Services-Consumer Default Management

PNC Bank
Locator  BR-YB58-01-3
6750 Miller Rd. 
Brecksville, Ohio  44141

440-546-9476 (office)
[email protected] 

Hi Justin 

Thanks for the information.  

PNC responded to a "tweet" and actually we got the approval letter four days after the tweet.... 

That's a "sweet / tweet"

Great to hear



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