Has anyone here had success with writing complaint letters to these entities?

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US Treasury Dept.

1500 Pennsylvania Ave, NW

Washington DC 20220

Phone 202-622-2000

Yes, and I have proof in writing from the bank being pressured.  Are you sure you are dealing with a national bank and not state banks.  State banks are regulated by DFI in Washington. Department of financial Institutes. Then you can also talk to the AGs.  My personal belief is the AG's ins't all that interested until the crime or wrong doing has beencommmited.

Blog for lists to complain ... but for sure DFI or OCC.


Hi Teresa--when you wrote a complaint letter what angle did you take? In other words what was your complaint and how long did they take to respond?

Would you mind sending a copy to me?  Names redacted of course.

[email protected]

Thanks, Kevin

I can tell you first hand that it does something. I just got my own loan modified under the FHA HAMP program after fighting for almost 3 years. Once I got the OCC involved I finally got the help I needed. I had to appeal etc but I can tell you that I dealt directly with the Presidents office of Wells Fargo because of the pressure they applied. You can file complaintonline and they will follow up.



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