OFF TOPIC, I am thankful for............................finish the sentence

a beautiful and caring wife/business partner.....

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I am very thankful for a many things; a beautiful wife and family (my daughters in my photo), friends, job/career, health and that I live in this great country.  The way I see it, I'm a rich man.

I am thankful for my health, loving parents, an amazing girlfriend and the desire that dwells within me to push past status quo!!

I'm thankful for my family first and foremost and that knock on wood, everyone is healthy.  My parents are 85 and 82 years old and I'm grateful for every moment I spend with them and every moment that they are around to see my children grow.

I am thankful for: floss, toothpaste, toothbrush, comfy bed,electric heat blanket,my passion for cooking therefore good meals, my beautiful home, my perfectionist husband who always pushes us all to do the best, my 3 children, little poodle named Angel,ability to see, hear, have a good health, my education in counseling comes in handy in my line of business,my clients, short sale superstars members, my friends, living in different countries and speaking different languages,opportunity to go back to Europe this summer. I am very grateful to be in line of business where I can help people in many different ways. Also I am grateful for my colleagues in Albuquerque other realtors who wake up every morning and work so hard to make living. Without my colleagues most of my listings would be collecting the dust. I am thankful for having ability to motivate others to do well and to be able to reach to both my clients, friends, colleagues and help them to conquer their fears and face limitless opportunities.


Good friends like you, Jeff!

I'm thankful for a lot of things.... too many to list here....

So I'll just say I'm Thankful for this site being set up and the many participants involved for making it a great site to go to.

That Bank of America thread on 3rd Party Negotiators has been a lot of fun this week. ;) 

my sweet baby boy!

my family and friends.

My incredibly wonderful, fun, loving lady, my partner of 35 years!!  Amazing that she has put up with me.  Man, did I write a good contract or what.

My two wonderful children, who have made every aspect of their development a joy.

My parents, who at 86 and 84 continue to be professionally active in their professions.

The good health of my family.

The Internet, my cell phone, Adobe software, fax servers, keyboards, coffee, sunlight, and birds. 

I am thankful for love of family and friends, support from the angels in my life, good health, and connections like this one that have enabled my real estate business to survive the current market. 

I am thankful  that I am still able to provide for my family while helping other families as the same time!


I am thankful my longest short sale file closed November 9, 2011 just short of the two year mark.  See the attached memo sent to the client November 15, 2011 (6 days after short sale closed). Unbelievable!!! Happy Thanksgiving to all!




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