Oh great Forum, we are back! It's been awhile since we have done a short sale without Fannie or Freddie involved, so were looking for some advice. I can't remember if these are easier since Fannie and Freddie are not involved, but we understand that Ocwen has their little Altisource/Hubzu scam that causes issues. We got some great info from the Ocwen forum, but wanted some ideas from the group regarding bypassing that drama and possibly reaching out to Deutsch Bank directly to light a fire under Ocwens a**?

p.s. CFPB sued Ocwen for $2b demanding principal reductions and our sellers want to know if they qualify? The Ocwen site says they need to apply first. Anyone done this yet?



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What state are you in? If you are in California you won't need to worry about Hubzu. Hubzu actually moves a lot quicker than auction.com  from my experience, but the reps at altisource are not fully competent. Not sure how you can bypass Hubzu without potentially doing something drastic.

If you have any questions or need anything at all do not hesitate to reach out to me as my door is always open.

[email protected]





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