Anyone have a good contact with NYCB or amtrust?  Short sale or Foreclosure Dept?

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I was told today that all short sale packets need to be SNAIL MAIL.    I would be interested in a good contact as well. 

I'm dealing with several people at Amtrust (NYCB) now: 

Paula Mayor (she's been very helpful) 216-588-4522

Timothy Szokan 216-588-3198

Malikie Richardson 216-588-4100 (supervisor)

there email is [email protected]

All 3 of those names bounce.

Did you have to snail mail? Is there a fax line to send things to?

Snail mail is only way. I did a UPS over night to try and save some time, but they will not let you fax or email. Then you're "supposed" to wait 4 weeks before you even follow up to review.....



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