NFCU - Advised loan "charged off", can't get specialist to call me back

On July 17th I submitted a short sale package (NFCU is 2nd mortgage). On 7/23 I was advised loan was "charged off" and that the only person who I could talk to about this was our specialist. I have left her 4 voice mail messages with no response. When I call SS number they continue to tell me only specialist can advise me on this particular account. Does anyone have a contact there whom I can try? I have closed many prior SS with NFCU but I do not know how to proceed unless I find out what "charge off" means in this case.  If anyone can help I would greatly appreciate it. 


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       The account was "charged off" due to being too delinquent. This means the servicer will be writing this off as a loss. This loan will now be serviced in the charge off or recovery department. Many times servicers will request a higher payoff to release the lien when the account is charged off.


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