I've heard about agents being able to negotiate short sales in different states and getting paid by the short lender. Does anyone have any knowledge about the how to? I am very efficient at processing short sales and would enjoy helping agents in other states by processing their short sales. Thanks in advance! 



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Good afternoon and how are you doing Melody! I can tell you for sure that if you are proficient in processing short sales then I can refer you to several investors here in Brooklyn, NY who are looking to expedite their short sale deals..

Daniel Noble


I could only act as a negotiator/processor between the short lender and the listing agent. Would these investors be represented by an agent? Since I am not licensed in NY, I could only process and most short lenders require the properties to be listed with an agent. I still would love to help if I can. 

We process nationwide for Agents and Investors (glad to help ANYONE if they need it).

Melody - you can get paid a referral fee from the Listing Agent, get paid what you are able to negotiate on the HUD/Closing Disclosure, or, charge the Buyer a Fee.

You can email me with any questions - Ben@ShortSaleShop.net

Thanks Ben!





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