Hello Superstars: Anyone have any tips/pointers for me on how best to dispute value? Citibank countered my buyers offer 90k higher. The house is in rough shape and needs new windows, roof, siding. Has mold in basement. Not financable. They did both a bpo and appraisal and I attended both. Neighborhood is very nice but not this house. So frustrating....

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Let the file close out and re- submit when those values expire. No sense in fighting two valuations!

Hi Donna. If it's a fannie mae deal you can dispute the value at http://www.homepathforshortsales.com/

If it's not then just put together a details analysis justifying the price you have. Overwhelm them with data. But of course be sure your value is justifiable. If not...find a better buyer.

I dispute values all of the time and have been successful every time.

Hi Donna.  It is so frustrating when this happens.  Have you prepared a list of items that need to be done along with a cost relating to the repairs?  Did you find out what the appraisal and bpo's came back with as far as value?  I would drive that over and over and go to a supervisor. Also, it wouldn't hurt to have a  lender write a letter saying it is not financeable due to those issues.  Since I am relentless with my short sales, I would find a "winner" there at Citibank that is willing to review the file correctly with you.  Keep positive.......don't give up!  You can do it.  


Also, Mr. Torres below has a good point about letting the file close and re-initiate the short sale.  However, be careful about the trustee sale dates, etc.  Sometimes closing a file and having it re-assigned makes all the difference.


  Suzanne Martin



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