I have a short sale with Bayview and I have an offer in line with their appraisal.  They dragged their feet ad then told me they needed a new appraisal (after 90 days.) The new appraisal was 200k higher.  I told them it was unreasonably high and had my own appraisal done and sent it to them. It was in the same price range as the original and fit with our offer.  I cannot get a response from them and foreclosure is set for Tues Dec 11. I am concerned they will not respond and will just foreclose.  Suggestions?

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Did they confirm they would entertain a value dispute? Seller should be consulting with an attorney potentially about BK if Bayview won't postpone. Very possible they won't want to postpone with a value 200k higher and non approved offer.

Thank you, Brett.  They are entertaining a value dispute.  They are postponing the foreclosure while they decide.

I appreciate your input.

Great, that's really all you can do in this scenario. One step in the right direction.

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