Would 4 years trying to close a short sale be a record ? 

 I have a listing in new Jersey that received its first offer back in 2009 

We gave the offer to an attorney to process and 6 months later the buyer gave up 

In 2010 we got another offer and after 8 months the buyer walked 

In 2011 we got another offer and this time MGC actually gave us a counter but before closing the property was vandalized so the buyer walked .

in 2012 we got another offer , submitted mountains of paperwork to MGC mortgage kept raising the price of the home , them when finally we where ready to close Hurricane sandy hit , flooded the property and now its back on the market .

but here is the kicker , now the investor ( this is according to MGC ) wants 49,000 more THAN BEFORE IT GOT FLOODED !!!! , 

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As an authorized representative of MGC Mortgage, I ask the customer who posted this to contact us directly at [email protected] We will be glad to work with you on this issue.

 I will call e mail you tomorrow with the loan number 

 hey MGC Mortgage person , your e mail bounced back , can you send me your personal e mail so I can send you the information 

I find it fascinating that a MGC rep contacted you via this web site.

Please keep us posted. I hope you finally get your short sale closed. My longest was almost 3 years, my shortest was 18 days. So you take the cake for a short sale lengthy record. More like a Long Sale, huh?

Good luck,




 The MGC rep posted a bad e mail , LOL , 

 leave it to MGC , they just want to collect servicing fees , like to find out who to file complaint to 

 maybe get a congressman involved , what a disgrace . especially if they got bail out money .

 Dovenmuele is the bank , pass through certifcate LPG ? 



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