Ugh, anyone know what variance would take 30 days? I dont...That is the latest bs i have been told...i need an email or direct # to a decision maker...they are getting more $ back than required net, the file has just sat...and now..i want it closed-HELP AND THANKS IN ADVANCE

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Ask for a supervisor and file a complaint with the CFPB. Those seem to be the only ways to get through to US Bank lately. If FHA loan, be sure to contact HUD too. They really don't care unless you are a squeeky wheel. 

great, thanks...

Is this a FHA File? If so, open up a ticket at Deval LLC and get a HUD counselor involved. Many times depending on the variance we can just send an email to a HUD rep and they approve it within 24 hours.

[email protected]


Please note that effective October 1, 2014, Deval LLC will no longer be HUD's National Servicing  loan servicing contractor. The new contractor, Novad Management Consulting will be your new point of contact.


For all Customer Service questions please contact [email protected]

variances take less that a week 99% of the time once they have been submitted. anything more is on the Servicer.

yes, so they called my borrower b/c I also let them know I would start posting timelines and my experiences thus far on a national blog as well...not  sure that was it...but it was the only time borrower got a call...anywho...they did say this Variance was going to the servicer...BUT-no one has yet to say what it was for...So I have 2 calls in to our negotiator to see what this mystery variance is for...



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