Has anyone had a lender ever tell them... "we are not required to speak with you even if we have a third party authorizaton"??  Basically the lender wont cooperate with the short sale and is willing to take this through the foreclosure process.  They just wont communicate with me even after the buyer has accepted their counter.


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I might have the seller call in or do a confrence call with the seller and lender. Find out what the core objections are here.  

Core objection is that the lender is upset.  The buyer bought another house and has moved on with their life.  The seller let them know that, then they denied the file.  All was good up til that point.  Oh well.

Who is the mortgage servicer? There must be an underlying reason why they would not be working with you especially if the buyer met the counter. If that is the case, i'd be reaching out to managers or upper level contacts to dig into the situation and see if there is a solution. Sounds like you have a buyer who may be able to mitigate losses for their investor.

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PFFCU.  I have reached out to the highest of the high.  The issue is that the seller bought another house and moved on with their life.  Guess the lender got a little ticked off.  

Who is the investor? What type of loan is this?

Well, there you go.  The owner just shot themselves in the foot, likely ended their chances of a short sale, and may have upped the motivation for the investor to seek a deficiency judgment/sell it off to someone else who will, if deficiencies are allowable there.



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