I have been working short sale homes now for about 3 years, ranging in price ranges from 1 mil, down to 30k. During those 3 years, I've worked probably about 60-80 properties, and closed on only FOUR. Over those 3 years, I continually see people professing that they have an 80% closing ratio, and average 30k profit per deal. My average profit on the 4 success' was about 10k.........and that was on the higher end homes too. I had a 600k home that I made 10k, and a 30k home where I made 10k. Don't get me wrong, I'm happy that I closed on what I did, but are the numbers that I'm hearing out there from other people for real, or is it me? Marketing/exageration is out there, no doubt, and I don't have a clue if my figures are typical. Personally I feel like they're terrible, and why I continue to do this I don't know.

Here's a real life example of 95% of my deals: Home is 200k, my offer is 155k. We go thru all the short sale paperwork, then the BPO (and yes, I met them at the house with low comps, repair estimates, etc.) comes in at 195k. They turn down my offer, won't counter my offer, and the property ends up going to foreclosure............a waste of 2-4 months of dealing with the homeowner and the mortgage company.

Is this typical for most of you out here? Let me know. I appreciate any feedback.

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Eddie it sounds like you are an investor making 'rediculas offers'.  Yes, those offers will have an extremely low approval rate and you will send almost all your sellers INTO FORECLOSURE.  If you are listing and selling the properties at close to market value .. you will have an 80-90% closing rate.  



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