HSBC is a second lien holder on my deal.  HAFA approved.  Offered $8500 by 1st lien Holder BOA.  All they needed was a prelim HUD, listing agreement, 1st lien holder payoff, and sales contract. that was quick. Now if we can get the 1st lien holder's to get on board:-) Short Sales Do Close.

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Yep.  I've found HSBC to be very fast and easy to work with.  Even if they are a first lien holder. 

I love HSBC even for first.. the response time is great... I wish all the other lenders will work like HSBC..

I envy you. Been sitting with HSBC for two months now....they keep making one excuse after the other.

Wow! Sorry to hear. I only hear positive things about HSBC.  I guess each case is different.

Great work, Travis!

Thanks Wendy!

Can I get an escalation contact? I been leaving messages for this Maurice Jordan for 3 days now he will not return my call



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