Has anyone had an experiance with this company? Thanks!

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Yes, super easy to deal with.
I've had good and bad! The last one I had they forgot to postpone the foreclosure. OOPS not good. Be careful.

Yes..we have an approval from HSBC( 1st) on an offer of $50,000....HSBC says they will only pay 5 % and will close file if we do not agree....anyone get 6% from this people?


Two years ago I had a super fast easy transaction with them but they weren't losing much.
Yes,  I do, I deal with HSBC everyday. Short Sales and Modification. They have been pretty good thus far.

I have had good success with HSBC, two deals closed with no problems at all. 



HSBC short sale was going smoothly until I received the approval letter today and they cut the commission to 4% even though it was 6% on the HUD. I've done a lot of short sales and have seen 5% but never 4%. Any suggestions???



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