I have had issues with one Appraiser in my area. He always comes in 20k higher than FMV making it impossible to sell my properties and get an offer. To protect my clients, I have made a decision not to let this appraiser into the property to do the appraisal. I told him of my decision and he got very upset. This began about 5 years ago and he has been causing trouble ever since. I have been successful multiple time in keeping him out, but he keeps putting up a fight and delaying my deals by weeks.  I have a file with US Bank and I started an FHA short sale with them. This appraiser calls me and when I told him he wasn't allowed to get in, he called the vendor and told them to tell the bank that I am not cooperating and refusing to let them in. I told the bank that this appraiser and I have a conflict of interest and they need to send out another appraiser. The bank wrote back and told me I have to use this appraiser and they can't schedule anyone else. They are going to decline my file if I don't let him in. I need to find out who this vendor is so I can call them. Anyone have recommendation on what I should do about this issue? I feel like I need to protect my clients and letting this person in will result in foreclosure every time.


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Open up a case with HUD and request that a different appraiser be assigned if it's FHA.



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