How long does it take NS Nationstar to issue the written short sale approval letter?

Looking for someone with recent experience. Your time line would be most appreciated!

On 4/15/13 NS countered the purchase price, to which buyer agreed to and sent in signed addendum by buyer & seller with new purchase price.

Was told 7-10 business days before the SS approval letter will be sent out. However, we're passed that time line and now we're being told that the offer is still in review and pending written approval. It must clear the investor and their quality control before they can send out the written approval. 


How much longer can we expect to wait?! Thank you!



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Update -- file was submitted for final approval on 5/31/13 per NS negotiator. Was told we should have approval letter by June 7th. Tick tock....

If the investor was fannie mae that could have been the issue, hopefully you will get your approval tomorrow!

Glad you heard something. Just curious. When did you submit the offer to start the process initially. I'm trying to gauge over all timing.

Hi, I started the file at the end of January 2013. Good Luck!

Arg!!! We put our offer in October 2012. Frustrating. Good luck!

Been told to expect the approval letter next week. NS now needs updated HOA ledger AGAIN! At least it sounds like once that is updated & submitted we will get the approval! Fingers crossed for all parties!

It may be safe to call them back and make sure you get a full list of what is needed. Sometimes they leave you in tandem and request items one at a time.

Good idea!

If they told you 7 to 10 business days, then 7 days would be June 11th and 10 days would be June 14th. That's about right for the approval time. Of course, if they request another document, the 7 to 10 business days start over. You don't count weekends or holidays or the day you were told.

Look at the dates in my original post - I was told 7-10 days on 4/15/2013!

We got the approval letter and are moving forward to cash closing now! Relief! Thank you for your support. I'm happy to help out or answer any questions based on my experience.




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