Was wondering how everyone is building their pipelines these days. There are still lots of foreclosures in my area but it seems folks arent responding to my marketing attempts like in years past. What are some better marketing ideas? I do mostly mailings and sometimes Ill drop something at a house and the occasional phone call. 

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I know it's not the most time efficient, but I find door knocking to be extremely powerful in this line of work and also building relationships with other business professionals who work with distressed homeowners ( attorneys, investors, etc ).

I do that occasionally if its a house near my area but not nearly as much as I did years ago. It is very time consuming as you said. Whats your take on texting leads? I do get phone numbers and am wondering if sending them a text is a good idea. I'm still wary of the 'do not call' stuff though..

I don't personally text people unless if they filled out a form on one of my websites or unless it's a warm lead. I don't cold text leads as I'm wary for the same reasons as you.

We now have nationwide access to late lists for our short sale clients, no brainer to market to with postcards and door knocking.  I'm actually finishing up another book I'm going to be sending out to them as well.

More "exciting" news, I know 4 lenders now in the DC area offering stated income loans again....you know what THAT means!!!

Sounds great Ben. What does that mean Ben?

Not sure which you are questioning but:

1)  "Late Lists" - I can get you names, addresses and phone numbers for people anywhere in the Country who are 30, 60, 90 days late.  GREAT list to market to b/c they are headed to foreclosure if something doesn't change.  Reach out to these people, offer to help, and watch your business EXPLODE.  Message me and I can give you details.

2)  Stated Income loans - these are loans where you literally just tell the lender "I make $100k per year" and they will base your loan off of what you tell them, with little or no verification on their end.  Why is that a big deal?  It's what caused the issues previously when the market went waaaaay up!!!  People lying on their mortgage loans, getting into homes they could not afford, then, needing to sell them via short sale.

Good stuff!!!  Hope all is well!!

How can I get this info as well?

Thanks for any help you can offer


[email protected]

Can you please share the information?  My email is [email protected]

Looking to get access to late list in Massachusetts. What is the best email address to reach you.

Interior BPOs get me a lot of short sale listings.

I appreciate that information! 


I've been doing a lot of them lately.  I was under the impression they are off limits.



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