In all my years of  negotiating short sales I have never done one with this company.  I am on the buyer side of this transaction and the listing agent is a little vague on the process with them. Has anyone handled short sales with Home Point? What can I expect? Do they accept electronic signatures?, etc Any direct phone number to loss mit or short sale department Also the borrower is deceased so there would be no reason to review for home retention


Tony Morales

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I haven't done any with them that I can recall. Hopefully you got more feedback by now or you could give them a ring yourself to ask general questions.

Hi Tony

I have done short sales with Home Point Financial. 

Home Point Financial 800-686-2404

[email protected] or [email protected]

typically negotiators email is first initial of first name and last name

Submit your short sale package to Home Point. Many of their loans are Fannie Mae backed,and done thru If it is a Fannie Mae backed loan ALSO initiate it with Homepath to expedite the process.

Hope that helps.

Michele McClintock

thank you Michele  As I said I am representing the buyer so I am not authorized .The listing agent never stated that it may be FM I will have to check the Deed of Trust from title as it may state that it is a Fannie Mae backed loan

Good Afternoon Tony

I understand that you represent the Buyer. You can provide the information to the Listing agent to assist and suggest that they initiate the short sale through Homepath.

If it turns out not to be Fannie Mae, Fannie Mae will advise very quick. Should it be a Fannie Mae loan it will expedite the process through approval very quick.

If you need anything feel free to call me at 561.543.5353

Listing agent could also go to Fannie Mae Lookup website.  I can;t because I do not know last 4 digits of seller's ss#



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