This is interesting....I showed a home recently where the listing agent has it marketed in a shortsale platform by the name of Kazork.

After going to the website, Kazork speaks of a "Transparent Real Estate" transaction.

The buyers agent is instructed to place their offer online after signing into this company.


Anyone know anything? And is it something I should be interested in or staying away from?


Thank you


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I did a short sale with them in January.  It was different but very cool and easy to use.  Received approval for short sale in 6-days and closed in 27 days.  All in all it seems like a good system.  I was referred by another agent so they seem pretty reputable.
i am working with Kazork as a listing agent currently.  Martha is my negotiator, and she is a breathe of fresh air. The buyer walked one day before closing on the property, and we reopened immediately and placed another offer immediately...a little more complicated this time around, but communication is good..I am happy with the process..Good luck!
I have heard of Kazork. It is similar to making an electronic bid on a HUD home. I agree, very easy to do and on the up & up. The only objection I had with them is that they wanted to use a title company that was out of town which made it a challenge to keep things on time. All  in all they are okay.
I was contacted by Kazork on one of my short sales owned by Wells Fargo.  They work on behalf of Wells and GMAC (among others, I'm sure) to do the advertising, without affecting your commission.  Very friendly staff, although the property ultimately sold through the MLS.
Kazork is like Ebay for homes.  After I explained the process to my Buyers, they didn't want to have any thing to do with it as some of their contractual concerns could not be addressed immediately.  I have another buyer now wanting to look at the same house.  It wouldn't bother me to buy that way, but there are strategies just like Ebay.  Don't know if I like that mixed with home purchasing.

Thank you friends so much for the sound advice! I like to have outlets for my buyers and sellers and with the amount of sellers upside down lately, this is something I am going to reseach as an option today as I have 3 seller shorts now.

I find educating the buyers agents in my market is very difficult.


I appreciate all the great advice!

I am still working with Martha at Kazork, and still find her to be awesome..taking a lot of the frustration off my shoulders...I am selling agent..and as chance would have it, now, buyers agent!  Has been an interesting ride!


Wish I had this Martha lady instead of Jennifer. It has become a nightmare and it souldn't be difficult at all considering GMAC is the loan service.

Need to make my own "platform" and sell it to the mortgage companies...what a scam!!


Hello Theresa

I have been working with Kazork and our offer on a short sale is moving along very quickly.  Easy to use and if your buyer is looking to submit an offer and lender requires you to place your bid on line.


What city are you in?



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