are there are free HUD 1 generators or trials out there that you know of?

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I use this one for my short sales in Florida. just make sure you know ALL of the correct expenses.

Hi Jeff,

By chance, do you have a current HUD-1 template? This one does not seem to give the options of entering many miscellaneous entries.

Thanks Jeff.  This is great.

Hi Robin,

I like the HUD-1 generator Jeff has, but it does not allow you to populate quite a bit of info and it's very difficult to determine which lines the entries will end up on in the HUD-1. I am using the HUD-1 right from the HUD site for now, but it does not auto calculate so you have to make manual entries.


Here's a fillable PDF of the HUD-1. You do have to manually enter and calculate the entries.


Thanks Tom--I saved it to my computer--great to use when I can't get hold of my title company.

I've always had them prepared by my Escrow Officer.

I am attaching a simple spreadsheet I like to use.  I still ask my title company to get me an estimated HUD...but I like to use my HUD because I like to "pad" the fees just a little in case the bank takes longer than planned on to approve the deal.  It is set to automatically calculate the payoff to the first mortgage based on what numbers you enter.  It also will automatically calculate the commissions based on the sales price.

Please be sure you update the buyer / seller info as well as change the title company info on both page 1 and page 2 (in the 1100's section) and update any title fees, the title insurance rate (if you get a copy from your title company you can quickly update the title insurance if there are any changes to the sales price), etc.

I have used this same hud spreadsheet for nearly 7 years now and I haven't had any issues with the lenders.  

Hope this helps!


I usually ask the closing agent to prepare a preliminary HUD, however there are times I need it "yesterday", and I create my own. Here is a HUD1 template for Microsoft Excel or it can be used in OpenOffice Calc.  All you to is plug in the info, and you can quickly print a HUD1.  You just need to make sure you have the correct fees for page 2 (especially title and recording fees).  Hope it helps.


It's pretty good if you can get the taxes to show up correctly. I like it. 



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