Ok, so I have been trying to find a second lien with BOFA which the 1st is with Shellpoint and IS APPROVED now....Seller gave me a loan # 6690219693- seems like this may be a HELOC? OR unconventional 2nd lien?

Seller has NO mtg. statement

BOFA says they dont have it and have NO transfer records either

Sellers insurance company still shows a second mtg. with BOFA as paying the ins.

Any help would be greatly appreciated as I have NEVER had a SS where I could not locate the 2nd!!!

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Have you reached out to the HELOC Department at BOA?

Is there a MERS number on title that you can lookup which can point you in the right direction?

[email protected]



yes, I called the HELOC

See attached prelim, not sure what MERS is?


I don't see a MER's number. Also, it doesn't look like a HELOC as it appears to of been recorded the same day as the 2nd, so it's likely just a 2nd. You should call BOA and see if they can pull it up with the socials security number ( if you haven't tried that ) instead of the loan number.

You should ask title if they can pull any additional abstracts on the lien.

Does the homeowner have any recollection of who had the 2nd at any point in time? How delinquent is the account? Is it possible it was sent to a charge off company?

Have you pulled a copy of the recorded note yet?  That sometimes can give you an idea of where in BofA's infrastructure it may be.  We have had a couple of 'lost' 2nd TDs with BofA this year that we have been able to 'help' them find.



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