I have an FHA short sale currently serviced by Chase.   Chase will accept our short sale submission however HUD continues to deny it regardless of the price offered (currently our offered price matches a recent appraisal completed by the bank).  With out last submission Chase informed my office that HUD will not consider any short sales at this time and that Chase was instructed not to consider any future submissions.  I tried to reach out to HUD but was told once a short sale was denied it is final and that there is nothing that can be done, no way to escalate, challenge, etc.  Anyone have any luck getting a FHA short sale turned around with HUD when previously declined?  One Chase rep told me one of the reasons for the HUD denial was due to the length of deficiency.....

Thank you for your time!

Steve Doan

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If it's due to being more than 40 months behind 99% chance you won't get around it. I don't work FHA short sales 40 months + past due they all get declined.

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Thanks for the info Brett.  Seems so illogical but then again can't expect more from a government agency lol!  



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