I have a client that lived in a home back in 2012 and moved out due to a new job out of state. She then tried to sell but was not able to and resorted to renting out the property. Fast forward, the tenant destroyed the home and it is in pretty poor condition. She moved back into the state and unfortunately was not able to occupy the home due to the condition. 

It is an FHA loan. The investors just denied our short sale request due to the fact that she has not occupied the property within the last 5 years and they are treating it as an investment property. Anyone have any ideas as far as what our options are at this point? I requested a variance, and they kicked that back. 

Thanks in advance

Ryan Braunagel

Keller Williams Realty


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@ryan, they may need to regain occupancy of the property and reapply. One way to show occupancy to a service is to show a utility bill in their name.

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