What % extra  liens want to release their liens to allow short sale?Versus take greater loss w/seller filing bankruptcy?

2 actual liens on property/Wells Fargo/ PNC Bank.2 other liens later.$90,000(B.of NY.) & Credit Card. $11000.1st (Freddie Mac)will not allow any monies to go to the two later non-property related  liens from SS.proceeds. 

Trying to get some monies to pay to them on buyer side settlement statement for them to release and let short sale go thru? What enticing enough rather than BK? 12,000 to the 90,000 and 2000 to the 11000?

Appreciate any insight.

Thank you!

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Liens typically aren't stripped from title unless if they have no equity position and through a ch 13 discharge ( could take quite some time depending on the plan ).

I recommend asking them what they are willing to settle for and then making an offer to feel them out. Every lien holder and investor is different.

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