I'm working on a Short sale with Dyck O’Neal, Inc as the second mortgage. The home is ready to foreclose 4/30/10. I may be able to settle the first mortgage but Dyck O’Neal, Inc. is asking for $15K or no close. They will never receive a dime if it forecloses, the first deed is $550K, home is worth $325K, with tons of damage. Anyone have experience with this company? Anyone have insight on how to handle this seemingly stubborn request? Please advise. The seller's have already filed and discharged a BK13. I'm considering offering a promisory note to release lien. My clients would not then be obligated due to the CH13 right? Please help! 

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Jennifer - I am working on a short sale and the second is  Dyck O'Neal Inc, do you have a phone number for their short sale dept?


did you ever figure it out? I am having same issue with them being the second



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