Hi thought new rules came out last year that required all servicers or investors to share the BPO price with the seller if they request it. I asked Fannie Mae thru homepath that my client would like a copy of the BPO. Homepath told me they do not share the BPO with anyone. Am I wrong?

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I believe you are wrong, but generally you can find out what the value is or assume that what they counter you at, that is the value. Some servicers such as BOA provide the BPO always now I believe. You may want to reach out to the servicer to see if they give you the value or escalate via Fannie Mae Home Path with a ticket to see if they can give you the value.

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Fannie doesn't give out their reports.  They take those reports and use internal data and spit out some ridiculous number.  We spoke to BPO agent who said he valued property at $140,000 - FNMA countered at $180,000.  So they don't strictly go by the report.



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