What is going on with these lenders?! I had 6 different CitiMortgage team leaders tell me that they are unable to review a homeowner for their ATP because there is no offer on the property (even though they verified they have a complete package except for an offer). Finally spoke to HUD directly at 877-622-8525 and they told me they would internally investigate why CitiMortgage is doing this as it is clearly a HUD regulated program. Meanwhile, a foreclosure date pops up. Citi tells me they will not postpone the sale until there is an offer - I also had to explain to all 6 of these "team leaders" WHAT an ATP was and that the purpose of the ATP is to give the homeowner a chance to continue marketing the property and draw in an offer meeting FHA's required net while placing all foreclosure activity on hold!!! I have worked with CitiMortgage multiple times in the past but never on an FHA. You would think these people would be familiar with the way the process goes but apparently not!!

I finally emailed every manager at CitiMortgage who's email address could find, CC'd my processor in laying everything out on the table with a copy of HUD's Mortgagee Letter 2008-43 so I guess we will see what happens.. Anyone ever run across this?

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I was told they are not aware of what an ATP is and that CitiMortgage does not review anyone regardless of who the investor is unless there is an offer. Thank you for the updated doc.. planning to get HUD involved again on Monday as I got the run-around again today with new people on the other end at Citi. Unbelievable!

I've had them stop sales without issues ONLY IF YOU HAVE OFFER IN HAND.  On multiple occasions where we had no offer, they would not stop sale.


That's only one of your issues thought.  You should get that ATP.  That makes no sense.  They do NOT need an offer to give you an atp.



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