This question comes a bit later in the process as the client has already sold their home. I always feel it a bit odd as it seems under some circumstances a person get's impacted less doing a short sale and not paying the bank off in full than working hard like this couple and paying the loan off in full.

Here's the back story,

1. Client experienced a loss in household income.

2. Put home on market to downsize and reduce expenses.

3. Client negotiated hardship / relief from bank ~ none was offered.

4. Client couldn't make payment and missed some.

5. We got home sold and paid off in full.

6. Started search for new home & applied for their home loan.

7. Learned a 9 month wait to rebuild credit history.

Unfortunately, we were not placed in loop about the extend of the hardship / missed payments during the listing period. Now that they have applied for their home loan they learned it's a 9 month wait to rebuild credit. 

I'm exploring alternative options if any. Curious if,

Anybody had negotiated a hardship after the sale to help clean up / reduce impact to credit report?

Specifically any advice in working with CITI?

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