Citi Charged off Heloc: Can't do short sale becuase they can't upload the loan

Citi Recovery dept told me they cannot continue with the short sale because they cannot push the loan or upload it to do a short sale.  My contact does not know why and she said there is nothing they can do.  I asked if this has ever happened and she said no.  

Does anyone know which dept oversees the Recovery dept at CITI or does anyone know what to do?

I'm at at dead end here and every call I make gets routed back to recovery.

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       How many upper level contacts have you spoke to? This sounds very strange, but i'd be climbing the ranks and blowing up everybody to try to resolve this.

If you need any assistance please feel free to reach out to me as my door is always open.

[email protected]


Hi Brett,

No, I have not spoken to any upper management yet.  I asked the negotiator at the Recovery dept for a supervisor contact and she said they will call me but won't give me a number.  Do you have any contacts I can call.  I just started researching whom I should contact to escalate the issues.  

Thanks for your help.

I am former CITI loss mitigation employee.  Why was the loan charged off?  is this a 2nd mortgage?   I need more info to help you

Tony Morales

TM Short Sales Consulting

[email protected]

Hi Tony,

Good to hear that.  They have not made a payment for over 6 months.  I started with the short sale department but they closed the file and move it to the Recovery department.  The loan is a HELOC and was taken out by Husband/Wife.  They are divorced and property is awarded to husband.  Wife filed for Bankruptcy and included all loans she had with ex husband.  The husband has not filed yet.  This HELOC was charged off and discharged through bankruptcy by Wife/Primary borrower but it is still on Title and must be released.  

My contact at the Recovery dept told me exactly how much Citi wanted to net and we matched it.  She says the file cannot be PUSHED through in the system to complete the short sale.  

I was able to get the sale date postpone twice and I don't think they will the 3rd time.  Quite strange circumstances here and I hope you can help me with who to call at the Recovery Dept to get this done.



Omar  I am a licensed short sale negotiator. My business is handling files for agents so they  can spend time getting new business and not having to fight with banks. I can never divulge my contacts at banks

Tony Morales

Tony, can you clarify what licensed short sale negotiator is?  Not sure that I understand what you mean by licensed? 

in California per the Bureau of Real Estate, and some other states, short sale negotiations requires a person to have a valid real estate or broker license. And if a negotiator or company is outside of Calif they also must obtain a Calif license

thanks for the info!!

I have a 2nd with citi and they said it was charged off as well...they sent a sat to the homeowner..tell them to look out for it in the mail. check public records



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