In march I sent an offer to an attorney representing aan owner on a property in Los Angeles and he wanted $ 50K for the sale. We agreed but said it had to be on the HUD and never heard from him again.August this property was sols for $250000.00 less than our offer & the payoff was made! Is there a fraud office at Chase or which federal or state agency investigates fraud?

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Yes.  You don't know the details of what is going on.  Was your offer executed?  People throw out the fraud word every day in the mortgage industry without knowing all the facts.  Maybe he got a lower cash offer he wanted to accept instead. Are you saying the attorney wast to be paid $50,000?  We definitely need more info.

Too little information, I tried to understand your other post but it made little sense.

Did the seller accept your offer in writing?  How do you know your offer was highest and best offer? Who wanted $50K for the sale?

March to August is alot of time to let lapse.

I am sure there is a fraud line for Chase but you will need to have much more detail than you have here or most likely your claim will never be looked at.

As far as selling for 250K less, how do you know that was not enough to cover the loan or that the seller did not do a workout for the balance?  

Fraud is a harsh word, fact is that there have been very FEW cases of fraud in the short sale world, at least few cases that were tried and fraud was determined....



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