We need to escalate on a file. The name of a decision maker in the Chase Recovery Department will be appreciated.

Needless to say we will owe you one.:)

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Hi David--were you able to get a name? If so would you be able to pass it on? Im needing to escalate as well. 

Try [email protected]
Mike Boyle
Vice-President, Loss Mitigation and Recovery
1820 E. Sky Harbor Circle S
Phoenix, AZ 85034

Perfect, thank you! Im looking for the email address for Elaine Christiano, do you happen to know her?

DAvid-- was Mike helpful when you escalated? I have reached out to him via email and received no response do far. Just wondering if thats his style or if you have any other names I could try? The first is getting paid in full but our numbers are so tight that I need to get this negotiated and closed ASAP. Thank you for taking the time to help us out, you rock!!!

You may be caught in Holiday Hell. Boyle's office # is 602-627-2489.

Without trying to be a guru here are some thoughts:

How strong is your WIFM (What's in it for me.) that you can use when you negotiate with them? By this I mean I picture a WIFM sign above the person I am negotiating with. If I can stroke their - not my - WIFM I usually win.

Obviously $ are the most important but urgency should also be pushed. In this case "The first is ready to foreclose so isn't it better to get some $ before they do."

Finally reach out to the good people on this board for escalation contacts in the Executive Office.

When dealing with Chase, look at the Chase HAFA page on https://www.chase.com/chf/mortgage/hrm_hafa

and use the 800 number listed there. Asked to be transferred to loss mitigation. Have all of your account info ready.

Ask for an escalation department number and contact. Having one as recommended here may do you no good since it may not be in that person's division...

Each area has an escalation area you can call and push the case up the food chain, but you need to have a specific reason for your request.

And FYI, Chase is moving to the Equator system in the new year, so live human beings will soon be a thing of the past....

Gary, You offer good general info but we are dealing specifically with the Recovery Department. I supplied the Vice President of that Dept contact info in my12/7 Reply. It would seem that escalating to the highest level of Chase is the only other negotiating strategy.


I have many Chase files, all of them with different escalation department contacts. They have escalation managers all over the US. When you call your loss mitigation negotiator, you will typically be given a chance to leave a message or talk with someone else. Choose to talk to someone else with that team,and get the name of the team's escalation manager. Sending emails to the VP of Loss Mit at Chase is like calling the Governor of your State because your neighbor's dog pees on your lawn. Give this process a try and see if it at least works....

If not let me know and I can give you a few Escalation numbers on previous closed files...



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