10 days after closing a short sale, I recieved a call from a preservation company that they had orders to change the locks. I told them the home was sold and closed. Two hours later, the preservation company called and said they were afraid to tell me but they had already changed the locks. I sent an email to my contact at Chase and on Equator but have recieved no response 24 hours later. I guess we need to get the police involved as their after service is as bad as during the transaction. Wondering who gave the order and what consequences are in order? Breaking and Entering, tresspassing, stupidity? has this happened to anyone else? Media would love this story!

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Why not just have a locksmith go by and sort out the locks? Easy solution. Lenders change locks all of the time. They have the right to do so. sounds like just a mix up. The police will not do anything. Change the locks. Move on to another deal.

The lender did not own the house. It was already a closed sale.

This is why I have a 24 hour locksmith phone number in my cell phone!

Yeah, yeah, yeah...not the end of the world, just a screw up.  Call the preservation co. back, have them fix it back.  They know they screwed up and have the direct contact with the asset manager.  If this could only be our biggest problem.

I am a realtor and I bought a short sale property and this same thing happened to
me. It was for investment purposes so I was very busy and for a few weeks I
didnt go back to the property. It was a different bank than Cahse and they changed the
locks,opened all my draws and turned all the fuses off. And they put a lock box
on the property. One department didnt tell the other department that we closed.
I called them and the department that "winterized" my property didnt believe I
owed it. I sent proof and then it took about 2 months to clear up and get the
locbox removed. I made complaints and actually got 3K for damages and if i held
out-most likely could of got more.....This is not right that they dont know what
they are doing. All departments should no whats going on......They denied
turning the fuses off but I called the electric company and was able to figure
out the date it was done (when I stoped having electrical use).....

It seems like they all have internal problems of little or no communication and people are letting them get by with this bad behavoir and little or no consequences.

We have moved on...just a warning  for other agents of how to alert their clients to the poor business practices of Chase.

If you didnt get reimbursed for the beer Harry is dying to know and I think I got him nailed down with an offer.

What a waste of time just talking about it.........  Get the locks rekeyed and move on.  Has no one gone into the house since this discussion started while waiting to get Chase to change the locks again? I doubt it.

A few years ago, Countrywide changed the locks on a property while the owner, a single mom, was in the hospital giving birth to triplets.  She came home to a house she could NOT access.  She lived in a hotel for a couple of nights with 3 new babies while we tried to get Countrywide to correct the mistake.  We finally changed the locks ourselves so she could go home with her babies.  Move on



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