Anyone know anything about this designation. I live under a rock and have never heard of it?

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Here we go again, my favorite contention!!!! Let's find a way to make money out of a bad situation! Lets make up short sale designations! Ya know, I believe real estate agents are the easiest targets for "stuff". NAR was very behind schedule with the SFR training/Desigantion. CDPE was very professionaly aggressive! I Have both designations, but once again, there are agents that have the "letters" and think they can do "anything" I am kinda older in the business and believe in "networking"! I must say after all I have spent on designations! (My GRI is very worth it and valuable to me, so not that one!)  I found the SSSS site, and am proud to be a Free member! Heck, I am a member of SSSS! Thank you for having me!!! Thanks to all the great agents that are SSSS and your never ending "networking" and giving back to our profession!
What a scam!  And a laugh-fest!  I know of several Short Sale Negotiation companies that have their List Agents (who then give them the work), attend a seminar about how to gather docs, and BAM..they are now a "certified I can save your life, Short Sale Specialist"  I am embarrassed for the Agents that use these dumb designations in their ads..Get the certifications that are the most extensive, then work the files.  No short cuts and no designations substitue for experience and constant updating and sharing and follow-up. 

Kimberly, you are so right!  I cringe when I see agents using their designations and portraying themselves as experts.  I do believe in the power of education and I am sure that the CHRE does teach something to agents. Problem is when an agent goes to an appointment and portrays themselves as an expert when in fact they have very little or no experience with short sales. I have closed my fair share of short sales but would NEVER consider myself an expert even if I had some letters by my name that I earned from a webinar or a few hour course.


Here's one I just got via e-mail:

CFS only $279.00 !


OMG.  Jeff, Let's you and I get together, and teach a 4 hour advanced, mastermind, professional, expert, training short sale weekend class and we can give it the DUMB designation.  Distressed Under Mounds of Bulls&^!

Smitty, DUMB - has a nice ring.



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