This is kind of piggybacking on Jason Sanseverino's post from earlier. We have a junior lien with Cenlar . Seterus (FNMA) is in first position and has already issued 3, maybe 4 extensions to their approval - I doubt I'll be able to squeeze another one out of them. Cenlar mailed the approval to the homeowner (as of today she has yet to receive that approval letter), we were told a month ago we should have approval. We escalated and made phone calls, at one point maybe once a day for a solid week asking for a copy sent to us via email or fax. We were told they could not fax or email but would resend to homeowners NEW mailing address - again homeowner has yet to receive ANYTHING as of typing of this message. Finally about 3 weeks ago I was able to speak with someone who was able to fax it to me, or he at least had a contact who was able to fax it to me. We received the faxed copy on 4/26/17 - the approval was dated 4/10/17 - approval also expired on 5/10/17. We have been requesting an extension to our approval since we received a copy on 4/26/17. Our buyer has VA financing and needs at least 45 days to get their financing together. As I stated above, Seterus has granted us numerous extensions already. Cenlar has been unresponsive, escalations to mgmt., CFPB and voicemails left with their "short sale department" all have yielded zero results. What options (if any) are left? Does anyone have a decent contact at Cenlar that can get things done?  At this point I'm desperate to get this file closed for our client and I'm trying every possible option I have available. I want to add we did submit what lenders typically ask for in an escalation request to Cenlar as well as everything mentioned above. Any help??

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