Many years ago when I was working with BofA on one of my first and toughest short sales I was up at 3 am (sitting with a friend at the hospital) and was so frustrated I took to Twitter. Within 15 minutes of tweeting about my frustration with the short sale process -this was way before Equator, I got someone's attention and was sent a DM to send them the property information and they would help. This method has been used by me (and a lot of other Realtors that I've taught) to get them help with their problems. I've helped Realtors that didn't even have a Twitter profile how to do it and they too got help. First you have to search twitter to make sure they have an account. If not ( a lot of smaller banks don't) go to Facebook and DM them on their business page. Everyone has a busines page. I don't put it out to the public first though - direct message them first and then if within 24 hours there is no reply then go public. This has worked 99% of the time!

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