Sheriff Sale is scheduled for 2/2/17 , we had a short sale approval expire on 1/10/17 

 Was proceesing file myself through RESNET , Caliber is the servicer , when we did 

 not close they cancelled the file , cant get anyone to help , all we need is an extension 

 to 1/30/17 and we can close before the Sheriff Sale .

 NJ is judicial foreclosure state , they will not get posession for 8-9 months , does not make sense to go through with a Sheriff Sale when you have a willing and approved buyer 

Any ideas ? the investor is US BANK , do I have a  shot at maybe getting the investor to contact the servicer so they will approve it ? 

The reason I am being given that they cannot look at file again is because the Sheriff Sale date is less than 37 days out 

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Did they close the file out of

How long until the buyer can close?

I'd be escalating to higher ups to plead the case for an extension.

[email protected]


they sent message that file in inactive
Sheriff Sale 2-2-17
Buyer and seller can close this week



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