Caliber Home Loans? Charges agents FEE to use their negotiation system???

We have a new sale that came in and it went from Vericrest to Caliber.  Haven't dealt with them so we went to their site which directs you to in which you must sign up and pay $30 month to use the software to negotiate the sale??? 


Anyone heard of this or run into it before?


Fannie Mae backed.  I feel like tacking the fees onto the sale.

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Well I was told I can get a FREE 30 day trial, but then it's $30/month.

Seriously?  I don't pay to use Equator..shouldn't that be a servicer paid fee?

I would recommend you use the HomePath website to submit your packet direct to Fannie Mae. There is a short sale tab and you can submit your package at the same time you're submitting to the servicer.

I may do that.

@Pattie - Can you do that with all Fannie Mae loans?

Fannie Mae is now requesting on all Fannie Mae short sales that all offers are submitted direct to Fannie at the same time the offers are submiited to the servicer.This is accomplished by using the HomePath Short Sale site.



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