On EVERY file I initiate in Equator for BofA, my initiation docs task gets rejected or my docs are unacceptable. The docs are DL'd directly from their website and are fully executed properly. Once I complete the task for the 2nd time with the same exact docs, they're now all of a sudden the correct ones and acceptable. It's really annoying when you're working many files in Equator and have to do this twice on every file.  Is anybody else experiencing this?

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LOL..yep....ALL THE TIME.  I'm like a freak now when these suckers are filled out.  I check and double check every I and T and the BOA Gremlin rejects...I reupload and then accepts.  There is no rhyme or reason...it acutally happens throughout the file..not just on initiation docs.

Haha! My biggest issue is they email me that I have the wrong docs and I need to go to https://agentresources.bankofamerica.com/shortsale to download correct document. This is where I get all of my docs from and I always DL them each time just in case they have an updated version. So, I'll re upload the exact same doc and now it's fine.lol It does not happen with any other servicer in Equator.

The VP of traning say, "Always down load" you'll never know when they change them and these are the most current. So that shouldn't be a problem

You only had to do it twice?  Consider yourself lucky!  : ) 

Wow. And I thought they were just out to get me (just because they are doesn't mean I'm not just paranoid ;^)

I have the same thing happen at different stages of the short sale.  It is comforting to know that I am not the only one! 

On another note, it seems that a lot of short sale files are getting prices rejected and countered after being in process for a while and coming in higher than the new loan appr or BPO's, etc.  I checked the other day with a few others in my office that do short sales and they are experiencing the same thing.  Are the banks on a mission to kill short sales for some reason right now?

This is an error in the system at Equator. It happens with whichever of the Banks you use there since to upload it usually gets timed out at their end during the normal business day. I have a greater chance of success if I download in the off hours. However, as everyone here says, expect it to happen most of the time as the system is just plain old overloaded for the number of us using it....

At least I'm not alone. Hopefully this issue will get fixed soon. Now back to the end of the year PUSH! Good luck in Short Sale land everyone. Happy Holidays!

Well a lot of that going around, they rejected my shortsale because I uploaded the TPA in two separate pages because they wanted it in one PDF, equator stinks and it appears that the ones on the other end could care less, now I have to re initiate the shortsale from beginning, big waste of time. I would rather fax in the packet, a lot higher success rate.

I am also not getting email notices when there is a new task to be done.  I've heard from my Title officer that others are also having an issue with that.  I just happened to be checking equator on another transaction and found that I had other tasks to be done.  Anyone else having this happen?

I've been in Equator since it started as REOTRANS - your problem is unusual. Occasionally, some pinhead will add a message to equator but will not have actually sent it to me. First, check the messages in Equator that you are questioning - click on the little symbol to see the message as a page and it will show where it was sent. The messages for the tasks that are missing, are they to your email address? If so, they went to you. Check your spam filter. 2 out of the 3 email services that I've used will inexplicably throw stuff into the spam folder regardless of what I tell it. If you have your email forwarded, you should check the service where your email goes - MicroSoft cannot be made to forward what it considers spam and you cannot turn off its spam filter, for instance.

If tasks were opened and there is no message, get on Equator and complain to their online helpdesk. They will either find the message or agree that you found a problem. (I can't think of these ever happening to me - maybe with all the other irritations in Equator, it might rarely happen to me??)



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