Is it just me or is BofA absolutely ridiculuous in pushing HAFA. They make the customer call in and give them the "HAFA is the BEST program" sales pitch which apparently everyone gets ( whether they actually qualify or not) when the reality of the program is so far from it...and in all actuality the client is better off in a traditional BoA SS, especially now that theyre all full debt forgiveness. The program is so bad I refuse to work BoA HAFA anymore.

But they will make the customer call in multiple times...I have had a single client have to call in 4 times to opt out ...and then last week despite the multiple calls which are noted on the clients account, the negotiator expected my client to call her specifically to say it again.

BoA recently sent out a mass email saying they would no longer force the customer to call, but instead you had 14 days to send in HAFA docs to have the client considered for HAFA, and if they were not submitted, then they wouldnt be considered for why are my clients still forced to call in?

Why do they make it so incredibly difficult to opt out of HAFA? I dont get it.

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