Hello anyone have any experiance with these. I am a buyer and put in a offer in one and offer was accepted by seller. Listing agent said this is a hafa shorsale allready apprived by bank and listing price was given by bank. Anyone know Iif this means chances of closing deal are higher or if usually how long take for bank to decidw on offer so we can open escrow. Any info appreciated. Thank you andrew

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Wow thats sounds good. That is exactly as agent explained. Has any agents or buyers are here seen this happen that easy. In regards to listing price we went over 10k. Thanks for the comments

As long as the sale and price were truly Preapproved, as opposed to "this is the price the bank countered with 2 months ago with the previous buyer", it should be solid.  If it was truly preapproved though, there's no need to go $10k over ask.

thanks for the replies I already went 10k over I feel wll worth it if I can get property. I wil keep my fingers crossed wish me luck and thanks for the input

Hello anyone know what they mean when they say mortgage ins approved. Thank you



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