Thank you for taking the time to read this quick note.

I am turning to you as a last resort and i Am baffled at my experiences with boa

BOA has a motion to foreclose and shorten redemption period, approved. All granted because I did not act when the motions were presented as i was informed by my BOA short sale specialist that the foreclosure proceedings would cease once i had been approved for FHA short sale.

All of my info is well documented and recorded both phone conversations and emails.

I was days away from approval and in confidence i trusted the advice. I did actually recieve the FHA approval well before the motions were finally approved and granted however the motions were still approved and although no foreclsure date has been issued i am concerned as the last 45 days with BOA have been very suspect as i have moved towards closing.

I contacted BOA's attorney and informed MS Donovan that i had been told the foreclosure would stop so i didnt appeal the motion. She informed me the foreclsoure would continue in case the sale fell through. I shared the email where jasmine calhoun tolde this. Since that time katie donovan the attorney has gone silent.

It seems BOA is doing everything possible to ensure that the sale falls through.

I have a cash buyer, for the exact amount requested from fha BOA for the short sale. The money is in escrow in the lawyers office, my cash is also in place and all pieces and taxes and everything is ready to close and has been for over a month. I have jumped through hoop after hoop for over two years to get here. In the last 30 days I have had closings scheduled and my buyer who drove up from Florida is 71 and is staying in a campground is now ready to back out. Continually BOA has transfered my case to different specialists, and at present three times in 45 days! We get close and then all of the sudden the employee disapears!!

I get a final HUD ready to approve and BANG all of the sudden it goes to another "specialist." They apologize and reaasure me that they will help, then the whole ctycle repeats, lost docs, misinformation, blatant spelling errors on key docs, wrong zip codes, reopening folders bc "my previous specialist messed up thats why you were tranfered". you name it. All of my "former" specialist still have working boa voicemails though, of course no calls returned but they are still employees! I smell a rat.

They lose documents, they repeat steps, they lost my whole file TWICE! I feel as though they are biding there time until they can foreclose or for whatever reason i am getting the run around.

My closing attorney and my realator have been helpful but this is not their expertise. My buyer is days from backing out. Our current specialist ron montoya is helpful but the same antics continue and now he wants me to push it out another 3 months!! We were days away with nicole slowey and jasmine calhoun and all of the other specialist who were suppose to get my final hud approved only to dissapear at the last minute!! I feel ron will do the same and the buyer will be gone and i will be stuck.

What are my options?

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Have your realtor or attorney go directly to HUD - you will need the sellers FHA CASE NUMBER and an authorization form 1-877-622-8525 - ask the rep to "open a ticket" for you. Explain the situation.

I hope this helps..



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