Best method to manage a poor Short Sale Negotiator @ B of A?

I am struggling to get my SS Neg to communicate at B of A.  They have already assigned me to a new one that is no better.

The short sale is an FHA short sale.  When I call I never get a response.  Same with email.  If I complain all the way up the food chain I get a call back and an email.

Last time I did that the SS Neg replied to my email with the docs I originally sent her requesting the exact same documents that I had attached to that email.

It's a mess.  My last resort here is to call and hound them every single day leaving a message on her voice mail and her supervisors voice mail.

Is that how you guys handle this?  I am unsure of what else to do.  All she needs to do is check that the documents arrived and let me know.  Any advices would be greatly appreciate.  Thanks!!!

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If you have had no response from the negotiator in 20 days you can escalate directly with HUD 877-622-8525. Send your 3rd party authorization form to [email protected] so that a HUD rep can assist you.  You can also escalate the file with Bank of America if the negotiator has not touched the file in 30 days, though I have not had much success doing this. I would recommend escalating with HUD.  You can also have your homeowner file a complaint with the OCC online at  Bank of America got moving on my stagnant FHA phase II file immediately once the OCC contacted them.  Best of luck!  

Just what I needed to know :)

They have been nothing short of terrible.  It actually took me 3 months to get a hold of the negotiator.  Now she had called me back a couple times & left messages however, they are completely ridiculous messages (last one she replied to email I sent with docs requesting the same docs that were attached to what she replied to).

None of their records make any sense either.  They say I initiated the short sale in May of 2012 and they sent out ATP then.  I didn't even take on the listing until November of 2012.  When I request a copy of the ATP they say it's expired.

List goes on and on.  I'm sure other people have similar experiences with B of A.  They really don't have their stuff together.

I will definitely be complaining.  Thanks for the numbers!  Last time I called HUD they patched me back through to B of A.  I was a little ticked they did that.  Guessing I didn't have the right number to file an official complaint.

Have you reached out to the social media group at Bank of America?  Perhaps they can get you some help! send a tweet to @BofA_Help.  You need to be following them first.  They just helped me out! Good Luck. This seems to be a pattern across the banks working on FHA files.  I thought it was just me and Everhome Bank.

It's not FHA PFS Program that's the problem, it's BOA implementation of it.

The Twitter team will encourage them to call you at least.  Only way to get my FHA short sale moving but still frustrating.  HUD's National Servicing team can be a help but you need to be firm and tell them that sending you back to BOA is not the way to go because that is only for loan modifications not short sales.  Problem is that HUD outsourced their customer service to another 3rd Party that I think has ties to BOA.  Blog loud at as many sites as possible about the problem. 

File a complaint with the Consumer Financial Protection Board also.  I am supposed to get my file reviewed by their QA department next week and hopefully issued a short sale approval letter but it has been the most frustrating thing I have done in years. 

AMEN to that Kevin!

Escalate to [email protected], phone number 805-577-3138, she actually answers her phone!

Also [email protected], however, she did take a leave of absence but left numbers to call for her replacement.

I understand how you feel, I have an FHA SS I've been working on through one of my facilitating attorney since November 2011; Finally it dawn on me the day before the attorney's office suggested we send a TWEET to BOA the next day we received a call and the file should have a Approval this week.

Hi there, I also was going to recommend escalation in all areas. BAC escalation, tweet help @BofA_help, and the OCC: On the other hand, my BAC shortsale during co-op process is beng outsourced to REDC and honestly is a nightmare in communication gaps. I will get a message from Equator that thy are reviewing my offer, when one has nt even ben submitted because I am waiting on them. No commnication or timely responses other than they set a price over 50k over market value. Any tips?

Yeah it's kind of interesting.  I have tried all of the above except HUD (I think I had the wrong number to file a complaint with them).

Now that I posted here they are answering the phone for me and working the file.  They gave me a clear explanation of which docs were needed and reviewed everything on the phone with me.

Not sure what the deal is... Almost makes me wonder if they are looking to see what I post here lol

I definitely have more in the arsenal should I continue to have difficulties in the future though :)

Glad your file is rolling again!


They are looking here. This is a public forum, and what we say here can have impacts on their public image.


They do monitor the social media sites since I blogged about a situation I had and actually received a call from a representative asking for the details.  I shared them and they formed an escalation team to review the issue.  They wanted both real estate agents to sign the purchase contract which is against real estate contract law in IL and a lot of other states.


Unfortunately, they are very slow to react like most large organizations.



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