Banks Starting To Assign Short Sales Directly to Brokerage Firms?

Hearing through the RE Grape Vine, these are coming...we were sent a review from Citi in conjunction with Keller Williams that they were partnering on Short Sale/delinquent homeowners...heard also BofA is partnering with Re/Max....


What has everyone else heard? What are your thoughts? I prefer BofA shorts...I dont want to compete with Re/Max agents just because of a partnering...I have a short now witha Re/Max agent...its now on month 6....I would guess they would not want that agent...  

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Lenders will not direct borrowers to a specific agent, instead some lenders are making 3+ agent 'options' available for consideration.   In other instances, some 3rd party Short Sale Loss Mitigation Companies are sending agents to the borrowers home to contact borrowers and collect documents.  In theory these agents are more likely to get the listings if they turn into short sales, but by no means guaranteed or selected by the lender.



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