Banks Short Sale Dept say no foreclosure date extensions w/ complete SS pack submitted

Can all SS Pro share their experience Please

1. ask for AVP?

2. borrower contact investor?

3. submit qualified written request?

4.Write a complaint to lender heads?/ RESPA?/ FTC ?


please give us detail information and sample letters if possible

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I'm not sure I fully understand what you're looking for.  I'll try to answer your questions:

1) yes, you can call any lender and ask for the AVP.  Doesn't mean you'll get through, but you can certainly do it.

2) yes, a borrower can contact an investor of a note.

3) Yes anyone can submit a QWR - Takes 60 days to process

4) Of course, provided you feel RESPA/MARS or FTC was violated in some way.

Based on the title of your posting here - I assume that you have been informed that the servicer will not postpone an auction date, even though you have submitted a complete short sale package. Can they really do this?

Yes, they can. Some investors are insisting that all paperwork be submitted at least 3-4 weeks prior to the auction date. If it is submitted after that, they claim there isn't enough time for them to make a decision and therefore they will not postpone the auction.

In some cases I have seen them state that unless the short sale can close before the auction date, the auction is on.They just don't care.



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