Bank of America FHA Short Sale/ HUD Escalation Contact needed

So I've had an offer into Bank of America since June 1 that is netting HUD over 2% over the min net amount with buyers ready to close anytime and my negotiator just seems to keep this file on the backburner. Since BofA issuing the ATP 5/1/12, they have lost documentation several times and its just been churning in their system. Try sending messages through their "secure" messaging system. Ya thats a complete joke. 

Without going into a ton of detail, I think its widely know that their system is in serious need of a major overhaul and I cant believe HUD hasnt forced them to do it yet. 

I need a contact at HUD to escalate this file with. How it takes 9+ weeks to get an approval is beyond me when its clear what the min net is.  I've already filed a case with HUD, but I'd like to go up the tree to the top if possible. My appraisal expires 8/11. Any contacts would be greatly appreciated!

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Travis - You can try Twitter help, ask them to get you the HUD Phase II escalation contact.  You can also email the Phase I negotiator for help contacting the Phase II person.

I sent a twitter to the help team which was helpful. I was haveing a difficult time getting the BofA FHA negotiator to respond so I sent an authorization to HUD.  Called HUD the next day and gave them the FHA case #.  He sent an email to my negotiator and to her supervisor.  She called me within 5 minutes after my conversation with HUD.

William - Fantastic hint!  Can you provide the HUD contact information that got you the result?

Need this!  Wendy, can you elaborate on the Twitter thing please?

Using twitter and contacting HUD are both tactics that I learned by reading  posts on this site.  The help team at twitter responded instantly which amazed me. When I could not get a response from my FHA negotiator I had my seller fill out an authorization to send to HUD. I called the next day and the person I got was able to review some of the info but let me know they do not get into the negotiations. He sent an email to my negotiator and to the supervisor. Within 5 minutes the negotiator called me.


How do I use twitter? And how do I get the hud authorization form? I appreciate your help



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