Does anyone have any information on BoA dealing with an estate that needs to be short sold (BoA is the 2nd lien).  My client wasn’t on the loan but they want my client to send in financial information to conduct a modification review on her before they will move forward with a short sale on an underwater property.

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Do they have a death certificate? Is it a FHA loan? Has a letter of explanation been sent in?

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Yes, sent DC. BoA claiming that the spouse needs to go through a loan mod review. It is the 2nd. The first is FHA but the 2nd (BoA's) is not. She's explained, sent in administrator paperwork and everything


This sounds odd that a Bank of America Mortgage would require you to apply for a Bank of America Loan Modification if the borrower is deceased. You should try to escalate to upper management or if you continue to have problems maybe it could help to get some short sale help

Hope you can get back on track soon!

Let us know what happened.


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