We are set to close on our home in CA in 4 days.  I drive by my new home to find a large 'BAC Field Services' property management sign taped to the garage door.  I contacted my agent (dual representing) and she said that this will continue until BAC recevies notice that recording has taken place.  Can BAC come into our home and remove belongings or change locks or put pad locks on a home that we own?  My wife and I are furious and frightened about what could potentially happen.


Can we cancel contract because of this, fearing someone may come into our home and start taking our personal property from a home we own?  We find this unacceptable that there is no communication between B of A and their in house property management company.


Any one with any experience with this?  Thanks!!!



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Hi Jonathan:

You state that you are "set to close in 4 days" and from the wording of your note you must be the buyer.

If you didn't close yet it is not your house - you don't own it yet ... period. If the house is empty or gives the appearance of being empty, Bank of America's property management people absolutely can enter the property, swap out locks and padlock doors. In colder climates they will also drain the pipes and toilets and fill them with antifreeze. They are protecting their investment.They don't know who has keys to the house and don't want the previous owner or anyone else damaging the property or taking stuff out of it until you move in. If someone were to go in and paint graffiti all over the walls, B of A isn't going to pay for it to be fixed - you'd be stuck doing that yourself.

If they removed personal property from the home, they should have made efforts to contact the previous owner to have them remove their stuff. If the items remain, after a certain period of time they can come in and dispose of it.If your stuff was in the house and taken out, then all I can say is that your belongings shouldn't have been put in the property before you closed.

As to your fears about someone coming into the home after you own it - I would be FAR more concerned about some common thief breaking into it than I would be about Bank of America coming back. They would have no reason to after it closes because then it is yours. 

Enjoy your new home.




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